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the international committee

The AFPC’s International Committee is active at the level of defending the interests of the whole of a profession. It is organized around two main axes :

Defending the profession of the manufacturing members in terms of image, the promotion of products and the protection of jobs.

On this last point and for the record, its four main players - Axalto, Oberthur, Gemplus and Sagem alone represent about 10,000 jobs of which around 5,000 are in France, spread between 7 and 8 production sites. The AFPC promotes the expertise of its manufacturing members notably in the development of masks, security and personalisation systems.

The AFPC’s major discussion partners

The AFPC’s major discussion partners are the French Banking Institutions: GIE Cartes Bancaires [Bank Cards] CB, Carte Bleue [Blue Card] SAS, Visa, Europay France, Mastercard, BMS/Moneo, CFONB [Confédération Française d’Organisation et de Normalisation Bancaire = French Confederation of Banking Organisation and Standardisation] and also the FBF [Fédération Bancaire Française = French Banking Federation] which regulates electronic banking among other things. The AFPC has a special relationship with the government bodies like ADAE [Agence pour le Développement de l’ Administration Electronique = Electronic Administration Development Agency] reporting to the Ministry of Finance and of the Interior, for projects such as the electronic identity card using the IAS [Identification, Authentication, Signature] standards and the electronic passport, and also the Minstry of Health for the Vitale [Life] card.

By way of example, the signing in July 2003 by GIE Cartes Bancaires CB, the AFPC and CONCERT of an agreement to approve the deployment of the French banking masks represents a landmark success in the recognition of the AFPC by the banking profession. Since this agreement was put into practice, GIE Cartes Bancaires CB and the AFPC have set up regular three-sided meetings with the banks for the regular monitoring of the major common files and notably the important file on EMV (Eurocard, Mastercard, Visa) migration.

The international market

In the international market, the AFPC maintains continuous relations with EUROSMART – its European counterpart and ISCAN – its international counterpart – within the framework of the new consequences of electronic banking in Europe such as the implementation of a common European payment zone, EPC/SEPA - European Payment Council /Single European Payment Area – which implies major work for convergence and harmonisation in which GIE Cartes Bancaires CB is particularly heavily involved.

The promotion of off-line as opposed to on-line

While in off-line intelligence is peripheral guaranteeing a high level of security notably with the DDA - Dynamic Data Authentication – mask, which makes the EMV secret code more complex, the rate of fraud remains very high in the on-line method that is the preferred method used in the United States.

The promotion of the manufacturers’ new technologies such as “no-contact” or BMS2 [Billétique/Monétique/Service = Cash Dispenser Technology/Electronic Banking/Service] links cash dispenser technology with payment; an application involved in a major development in practical cases such as the orange card associated with Monéo.

The AFPC also takes part in the major events for electronic banking in France within the framework of the CARTES [Cards] show – the first world card show created in France twenty years ago – as well as the events and meetings of the « Club Analyse et synthèses [Analysis and Synthesis Club]» or at events like the ISCAN show.