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The sustainable development committee

The Association’s member companies put on the market 300 million cards a year on average in France and issue from 800 to 900 million cards  on the European market. In a responsible initiative that has also been adopted by its main markets – notably banking and medium- to large-scale distribution, the majority of the AFPC’s members have now incorporated an environment charter.

Following its wish to be a main innovator for the card industry, the AFPC created a sustainable development committee within its organisation in 2002. Its first assignment is to study the feasibility of a collection and recycling procedure for all of its members.

This initiative is subject to several levels of constraints :

That of a « secure recycling » in the case of smart and bank cards for example;

The technological and logistical organisation of the complex recycling required by the different types of plastic materials used : pvc – a recycling channel that is already very well organised -, ABS, PET, PP etc.

Lastly, the need to promote the value of recycling, which must be preferred to the solutions of burying and energy-creation.

The committee keeps watch on the technical and judicial legislation under development at the European Commission with, for example, recent measures concerning the recycling of the electronic and electrical equipment in television sets or also, more closely related to smart cards, mobile phones.