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Vitale 1 - Vitale 2 – La Carte Européenne d’Assurance Maladie
A very important undertaking of 60 million personalised cards in under 2 years

The Health Insurance market will soon launch a new health card, called Vitale 2, to replace the Vitale card currently in circulation. Its launch, planned for the last quarter of 2006, represents an undertaking of 60 million personalised cards over 4 years.

The Vitale 2 card depends on a new mask developed by SAGEM – a member of the AFPC. It includes the currently active services from the Vitale 1 card and supplements them with new functions whose aim is to integrate the data of the Mutuelles Complémentaires [Complementary Private Health Insurance] and access to the Dossier Médical Personnalisé [Personalised Medical File] and to an emergency page that includes medical data needed for first aid.

This new health card will be personalised in a strengthened security environment and will notably include the subscriber’s colour photo.

The AFPC’s members are already very active in the deployment of the first health cards, and will again be actively sought to carry out the deployment of this new card as experts and as manufacturers having the knowledge and production tools compatible with the quality and security constraints required by the Health Insurance market.

According to the figures issued by Gie Sesam Vitale, (http://www.sesam-vitale.fr) in August 2005, there were 196,351 health professionals counted across 10 specialisations. In that same month, these professionals sent 58,103,000 electronic medical forms [feuilles de soins électroniques (FSE)] that were received by all the compulsory health insurance systems. Lastly, 22,401 update points for the Vitale card are in service, of which 17,286 are installed on Health professionals’ premises.

The CPS card: Carte de Professionnels de Santé [Health Professionals’ Card]

Another important component of the system is the CPS card (Carte de Professionnels de Santé [Health Professionals’ Card]) issued by GIP CPS. In September 2005, 575,076 cardholders were counted on 16/09/2005 (Source: http://www.gip-cps.fr). This card provides guaranteed access for health professionals to information concerning patients which is strictly reserved to them.