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Public markets : new identity and administrative documents, one of the most innovative application areas

The events of September 11th in the United States and of March 11th in Spain impelled governments to better control and manage people. To that end it seemed necessary to strengthen identification documents (identity card, driving licence, residence permit…) and international ones (Passport, Visa…).

These new administrative documents benefit from the advances in technology and from the mastery of this developing field by the manufacturers and different players. Manufacturing methods, personalisation, use of biometric techniques, holograms, and security manufacturing techniques… So many techniques and technologies mastered by French industry, the pioneer of the smart card.

A new national identity card, electronic passport, biometric visas, cards for government agents and citizens : the new identity and administrative documents are one of the most innovative application areas which are combined in the vast field of people identification. Beyond the notion of people control, these new techniques enable the individual to have a guarantee on the use that is made of his identity. Just as their front door is “made secure”, the new technologies can “secure the identity” of citizens to protect them against fraudulent use.