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YOUAREHERE : The smart card market in France
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France : The european leader in the production of smart cards

An everyday tool for everyone……

A plastic rectangle weighing a few grams has transformed the relationship between people and business, financial, legal and government institutions… In the space of a few decades, the plastic card has become a user-friendly interface between men and organisations that is easy to use.
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Originally created at the beginning of the 20th century to identify users of the first telephone boxes, then the customers of the big stores and finally those of banks and financial establishments, the card is today a marketing medium that grants access to a whole series of rights and privileges.
french smart cards manufacturers

With the advent of the microprocessor, a new era has begun bringing security and respect for the private lives of hundreds of millions of cardholders throughout the world.
The social phenomenon that is the plastic card is today used in all the sectors and spheres of activity of economic and social life.
french smart cards manufacturers

The major markets in 2005
Prospects in new applications

Beside the traditional markets of the bank and financial card and the identity card, a whole series of new applications has appeared whose common theme is the security and universality of the medium.
french smart cards manufacturers

In this wide range of applications, two major sectors dominate the market :
- telecommunications, with the rise of mobile telephony.
- banks, with the implementation of the EMV (Europay, MasterCard, Visa) specifications.
french smart cards manufacturers

However, other markets are emerging and are becoming commonplace :
- the health and social sector, in France and abroad.
- the transport sector, with the advent of no-contact technology.
- securitised government documents: identity cards, driving licences, visas, passports…
french smart cards manufacturers

In France, these markets together represent some 250 million plastic cards whether simple or incorporating one or more technologies : magnetic stripes, simple memory, contact microprocessor, electronic component with an antenna for no-contact…. Not forgetting holograms, micro-edition, guillochage and other techniques that guarantee the security of the medium against forgery.
french smart cards manufacturers

These techniques are continuously developing thanks to the research and development work of the AFPC’s manufacturing members.