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YOUAREHERE : An indispensable partner
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The AFPC : a decisive partner of the private sector and the institutions

Promoting competence in the area of technological innovation

The AFPC is an independent association that was born of the need to master all the procedures, some of which are at the leading edge of technology, that aim to guarantee the optimum reliability of the card, the software, the equipment and the associated services in all areas and sectors of business.

Its mission is above all to unite, serve and enhance the manufacturers which make it up, through the promotion of an active and innovative community competence.

Being a privileged partner of the principals in a secure, service-oriented process

By making its secure, service-oriented approach the major platform for its actions, the AFPC and its member companies can today take advantage of decisive action in the improvement in the quality of the service offered by the issuing banks, other issuers and users (businessmen, health professionals, consumers…. ) to cardholding customers and business users…. to illustrate or specify

Being a cohesive innovator in relation to professional bodies

An essential partner for defining and adapting the rules for security and quality as well as the methods of putting these rules into practice – Consultation, expertise, and a vision of the future of the smart card industry

Taking part in important events that strengthen awareness of the industry’s potential and of its trends towards promoting optimum use of smart card technology…

A participant in the work of standardisation and its application to real tools and methods when they will bring real benefits to the industry and to consumers.