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The personalisation committee

Personalisation is that part of the card manufacturers’ trade which consists of putting into the card all the confidential information that will make it personal and unique.

The steps which make up personalisation have a highly technical dimension and the work of the personalisation committee is often connected with the security committee’s reflection workshops.

The three main dimensions of card personalisation are:
smart cards personalisation

Graphical : : code bar, photo, text or identifier. Increasingly diverse technologies are coming into play – laser, ink-jet – in response to imperatives of a creative or security nature, or those affording a longer life for the card.

Magnetic:: the magnetic stripe is standard and developments in it are rare.

Electronic : The difficulty lies in providing secure loading of information, from the issuer of the data – the bank, credit establishment, telephone operator, vitale [life] card etc. to its recording in the microchip.

The AFPC’s personalisation committee works on all developments that are common to the Association’s members or to the customer communities :

implementation of a microchip application ;
changing application standards ;
studying a new security process etc.

as on the coordination of the different developments in the French banking application.

It is called on for many ad hoc enquiries, for example: the technical implementation of a specific configuration.